This site is designed for use on a computer - NOT a mobile phone.


1. There are NO INTERSTATE SWAPS - I don't make the rules - if you have a problem with this policy, take it up with the appropriate Dept of Housing. Personally I think this is a stupid rule.

2. You MUST NOT offer cash incentives to potential swappers. It is against DoH policy and if they find out they can prevent you from swapping altogether. However, you can offer to help with moving costs.

3. Ads older than 6 months will be automatically deleted.

4. DO NOT place duplicate ads for the same property. If you are updating your advertisement by adding a new listing, please take 2 mins to look up your old ID number and EMAIL ME [ admin at ] so that I can delete the old listing.

5. Be very careful entering your information and double check it BEFORE you hit the "submit" button.
You cannot go back and change your ad once it is entered in the database.
If you absolutely have to change something you will need to make a whole new ad and then email me the old ID# to delete (see point 4)

6. I cannot do any changes or deletions without an ID# !!
Do not email me and say you can't remember your ID# - look it up!!
It appears on your ad in the top left corner.

CAPS LOCK is annoying and hard to read - there is no advantage using it. From now on, I will be deleting all ads where the writer has been too lazy to turn off their CAPS LOCK key.

8. COMMUNITY HOUSING - special conditions apply - you MAY swap between Public and Community Housing but you need special permission from both departments.

Returning Users:

DO NOT continue until you have EITHER
emailed your OLD ID number from your previous ad
made sure that an old ad has already been deleted first.

If you make a duplicate ad, your new ad will be deleted.

First Time Users: Begin by selecting your state.

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